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The Good Match

The Good Match

July 2011 — CD
August 2018 — VINYL

  1. The Good Match
  2. Oh Song
  3. Storming
  4. Wish You Were Here
  5. A World That's Made For Me And You
  6. Enough
  7. Paper Cut
  8. From Me To You
  9. Love Is A Battlefield
  10. New Year

Paper Nest

Paper Nest EP

March 2008

  1. Prelude
  2. Incline
  3. Broken Parts
  4. Clementine
  5. Pinball
  6. Castles and Factories
  7. Desperate Sails
  8. Browntown (bonus)

Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane

January 2005

  1. Wyoming Sky
  2. Window Song
  3. Fashionable
  4. Deep in My Pocket
  5. Tonight
  6. Somebody
  7. Diamond Lane
  8. Birthday Malaise
  9. Come On
  10. Turn Your Lights Down Low
  11. Follow Me

Raining Jane

Raining Jane

January 2001

  1. These Walls
  2. One Way
  3. Big Girl
  4. Long Pause
  5. Out Loud
  6. Dissolve
  7. Both Hands
  8. Tango
  9. Let It Go
  10. Summer

RJ Black Logo Tote Bag


Medium weight, gusset, cotton tote. Nice, semi-wide straps, and soft to the touch. Black with white ink.

Make a statement with this spacious, versatile, around-town carryall!

Raining Jane Bandana


22” Cotton bandana. Available in Black, Navy, Tan, and Red.

Wrap it round your head, tie it round your neck, or stuff it in your back pocket like a Boss!

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